Eastern Connecticut opts for CHP fuel cell

Eastern Connecticut State University is to have a combined heat and power fuel cell up-and-running by April 2012.

The university has signed a deal with the UTC Power Corporation for a PureCell Model 400 kW Class I combined heat and power fuel cell that will power Eastern’s science building, with waste heat from the cell used to warm the building. Data from the fuel cell will also be used in the classroom.

Eastern has been making strides towards greater energy efficiency for several years now and the US Green Building Council has names it one of its Green Colleges for 2011.

Since 1990, the university has used a computerized system to monitor energy usage in each room of every floor of 25 of the campus’ buildings. In 2001, the Institute for Sustainable Energy opened, with a focus on outreach and education for all things green energy, and four years ago, the university began recommissioning all of its buildings, examining them from an energy-efficiency standpoint and making renovations.

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