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E.ON takes stake in Munich fuel cell CHP firm

E.ON has taken over Munich-based Elcore, a company whose fuel cell technology is being utilised all over the south German city.

E.ON aims to provide theseà‚ households with carbon neutral natural biogas, which it claims allows the fuel cell toà‚ generate power as clean as a solar energy system whilst also simultaneously producing heat.

Energy Live News reports that the energy giantà‚ will alsoà‚ cover the customer’s remaining power needs withà‚ its ownà‚ renewably sourcedà‚ electricity.
Elcore says theà‚ system is roughly twice as energyà‚ efficient as a standard power plant, which willà‚ save money andà‚ avoid damage toà‚ the environment.

Philipp Ulbrich, Head of Scouting and Co-Investments at E.ON, said: “The fuel cell is the most efficient technology for use in generating heat and power when upgrading heating systems. It’s another way that we are encouraging a sea change in energy. It means we can now offer customers a way to generate their own electricity without the need to rely on the sun to produce it.”

Meanwhile E.ON has also selected Digpro, a specialist in Geographic IT andà‚ Network Lifecycle Management, to supply theirà‚ dpPower Maintainer, a tool for inspection management.

E.ON produces and delivers energy to the Nordic market in the form of electricity, gas, heating, cooling and waste treatment and energy-related services to approximately one million customers.

In order to plan, build and maintain a network for electric distribution, access to detailed information on all parts of the network is required. The additional dpPower module Maintainer is a geographical maintenance tool for planning, implementing and monitoring of inspections

Digpro provides solutions for electricity, telecommunications, gas, district heating, water and central and local government – any organization that builds and maintains various types of networks.