Domestic energy storage system for on-site power

Kyocera storage

Kyocera Corp, Energetik Solartechnologie-Vertriebs and Solare Datensysteme have teamed up to offer an energy storage solution for residential use in Germany.

Including Kyocera’s battery storage system and Solare Datensysteme’s energy monitoring software and hardware, the system can be combined with solar power generating systems to realize power generation and power storage at home, thus contributing to energy independence and reduced utility costs. Energetik will begin sales in May 2015 with 4.8kWh and 7.2kWh batteries available.

‘With the growing use of solar energy, self-consumption is becoming increasingly important in order to reduce burden on the electricity grid,’ said Nobuo Kitamura, senior executive officer and general manager of the Corporate Solar Energy Group at Kyocera.

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