Nuon has begun installation of 20 CHP systems in an Amsterdam apartment owned by the Ymere housing association.

The installation, part of an extensive test designed to optimise the performance of these new-generation boilers, are also expected to increase energy awareness as well as reducing costs.

Nuon says that although the CHP system uses on average around ¬180 a year more gas than other boilers, it generates around ¬500 of electricity a year.
The field test is the final step in the development of the system, which will be launched in late 2009. It is forecast that, by 2010, around ten thousand Dutch households will use the new-generation CHP boiler.

Ymere operates in the north of the Randstad conurbation, where it manages over 82,500 residential, retail and business properties and has large-scale development activities in the owner-occupier and rental segments of the residential market, as well as in properties with a social function.

The current test will last for at least one year, Nuon says.

The move follows last year’s announcement of a tie-up between Nuon, Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited (CFCL) and Remeha to develop a fully integrated micro-CHP unit for the residential market.