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COSPP May/June 2005 Editorial

The conventional wisdom is that cutting emissions will be a costly, but worthy, exercise. ࢀ˜No pain, no gainࢀ™. This universally held view permeates every corridor, negotiation room and plenary debate at the annual UN climate negotiations. This is why political progress to cut emissions has been so slow. It is why industry is at best cautious in its support of measures to reduce emissions, and why it argues that carbon targets in industrialized countries will simply lead to the ࢀ˜leakageࢀ™ of industry from north to south to keep costs down.

For all those that work in the cogeneration and DE fields, this is the most important challenge that we face. The ability to demonstrate the validity of this ࢀ˜win-winࢀ™ and convince the throng of sceptics will change the dynamics of the carbon debate. WADE is there. The Climate Group is there.

But where is industry? Those tens of thousands of companies whose energy bills are higher than they need to be are missing a big opportunity to swing policy their way.

Michael Brown, Editor
Cogeneration and On-Site Power Production