Connecticut approves three fuel cell installations

The Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC) has given the go-ahead for projects incorporating six fuel cell-based on-site power plants from FuelCell Energy with a total generating capacity of 16.2 MW. All three projects will include DFC3000 fuel cells.

The three projects approved are:
ࢀ¢ Stamford Hospital ” a 4.8 MW project for Stamford Hospital will use two DFC3000 power plants in a CHP application providing lower cost thermal energy to the hospital as well as ultra-clean electricity to the utility grid.
ࢀ¢ Waterbury Hospital ” a 2.4 MW project for Waterbury Hospital that will use one DFC3000 power plant in a CHP application.
ࢀ¢ DFC-ERG Milford ” a 9.0 MW project that pairs three DFC3000 power plants with a 1.8 MW pipeline turbo expander. The system will capture the heat by-product from fuel cells and use it in the turbo expander process.
For FuelCell Energy, the 16.2 MW project approvals represent an estimated US $43 million in potential product sales after project developers finalize electricity purchase agreements and project financing.

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