The Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC) has approved financial plans for 7.2 MW of fuel cell-based CHP projects to be located at Stamford Hospital and Waterbury Hospital in the state.

FuelCell Energy, Inc. has announced the Under Connecticut’s Project 150, and in accordance with the DPUC’s selection and approval process, project developers were required to submit financial commitments showing they are able to execute Electricity Purchase Agreements (EPAs) with utility companies to buy the power.

Hospital Energy Development LLC and EMCOR Energy Services, co-developers of the Stamford Hospital and Waterbury Hospital projects, filed binding letters with the DPUC attesting to their projects’ financing commitments.

The Stamford Hospital project will employ two DFC3000 CHP that will generate 4.8 MWe and heat for the hospital. Similarly, Hospital Energy and EMCOR Energy Services will use a single DFC3000 unit to generate 2.4 MWe for the grid while it supplies Waterbury Hospital with heat.