In an update on its technology and achievements on its residential fuel cell CHP contract with British Gas, Ceres Power says that the company is on track for commercial launch in 2011.

Achieving size and weight reduction targets for the core fuel cell module, and the Alpha design phase of an integrated wall-mountable CHP unit with British
Gas, have been completed.

The company expects to have built and tested the Alpha CHP product in Q4 2008 and Q1 2009 respectively, secured a mother plant site in Q4 2008 and signed-off the Alpha design as a trigger for payment of £2 million (US$4 million) from British Gas during Q2 2009.

The design already meets the agreed go-to-market specification and satisfies the requirements for mass market uptake including installation, service and maintenance in a UK home, Ceres says. Furthermore, the performance of the fuel cell technology has been independently confirmed by AEA Energy and Environment. Ceres Power has also achieved a target heat to power ratio of 1:1 from its stack technology operating on steam reformed natural gas.

Peter Bance, CEO of Ceres said: ‘We are delighted to have achieved this important milestone and now have a CHP design which satisfies the requirements for mass market uptake.’