FuelCell Energy has announced the award of $2.8 million from the US Department of Energy to demonstrate the hydrogen, and clean energy, production capacity of a Direct FuelCell power plant for an industrial user of hydrogen.
For this first-of-a-kind industrial application, FuelCell Energy will demonstrate how a 300 kW DFC300 fuel cell can produce hydrogen for use by the metal processing industry, along with clean electricity and high quality heat.
The fuel cell will be installed at a metal processing facility owned by ACuPowder International, located in Union, New Jersey, US.
The metal processing industry uses significant amounts of electricity and heat, along with industrial gases such as hydrogen, to treat metal prior to stamping, shaping or forming. ACuPowder uses this process, termed annealing, to make powdered copper.
This project will capitalize on the versatility of fuel cells by configuring the fuel cell to generate three value streams.
The objectives of the project are to demonstrate a highly efficient and clean fuel cell that will reduce costs for a metal processor, including electricity, heat and the costs associated with purchasing, transporting and storing industrial gases.
The DFC300 can generate sufficient hydrogen per day to generally meet the daily requirements of the ACuPowder facility.
‘We expect this fuel cell configuration to allow us to operate more efficiently by reducing electric, heat and industrial gas costs at our New Jersey location,’ said Edul Daver, president ACuPowder International LLC.
‘These costs are substantial and represent a significant portion of our total operating expenses so this project has the potential to make our Company more competitive globally.’
Over 600 companies in North America operate in the metal treating and annealing industry; these are potential customers for this technology.
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