Caterpillar launches new CHP product

A new Caterpillar product, the Modular Power Plant (pictured), has been launched. A location-independent complete system prepared for quick installation ” without requiring any on-site welding ” the system can be installed in 12 days per unit.

In a statement, the company says the power plant is fully suitable for continuous and intermittent use and can provide fast ramp up times when required. Common customer types would include mining, heavy and light industry, electricity utilities, and oil and gas industry, the statement adds.

Each Cat Modular Power Plant can be expanded step by step to include up to six modular units, delivering a rated output of up to 25.8 MWel with an overall efficiency of over 86% in natural gas operation.

At the heart of each module is the Cat CG260-16 generator set with an output up to 4.3 MWe per unit, which can be deployed in natural gas and biogas applications.

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