Capstone to provide turbine for biogas on-site power

A microturbine that will run on biogas produced at a large farm in South Cotabato, Philippines is to be supplied by Chatsworth, California based microturbine specialist, Capstone Turbine.

The company said that in its first sale to the Philippines, it will supply an 800 kW C800 microturbine system that will produce onsite energy for the farm’s feeding equipment, ventilation fans, water pumps, and lighting, allowing it to be self-sufficient with its power requirements.

According to the turbine specialist, Biotech Farms is one of the Philippines’ largest and most progressive integrated hog and poultry layer farms, which processes animal waste in an onsite anaerobic digester to produce biogas.

The C800 power package is similar in size and dimensions to a container with a length of 30 feet (9.1 metres) and features five separate internally isolated compartments with louvered access doors.

In each of four of the compartments a 200 kW power module is housed, comprising of a 200 kW microturbine and generator. The unit has the capacity to be upgraded to 1 MW by filling its fifth compartment with an additional aftermarket 200 kW power module kit.

In addition, according to Capstone the multiple power module configurations of the C800 inherently redundant.

The unit controller provided with this product line includes modes that maximise system efficiency at lower power output levels and balances the running hours of the constituent power modules, better aligning system routine maintenance needs.

Capstone said that its Asian-Pacific distributor, Sobono Energy, secured the order and will supply and commission the C800 Power Package this spring.

“Biotech Farms is looking for ways to improve local air and water quality,” explained Faustino Cordura, Biotech Farms CEO.

“We selected the Capstone microturbine to drive our commitment to energise our farm with 99% renewable energy and manage our greenhouse nitrous oxide and methane gas emissions,” he added.

Sobono Energy’s founder and managing director added that the farm had chosen the C800 in part due to it ease of maintenance and high reliability.

Capstone added that its microturbines are capable of burning biogas from the treatment of waste at agriculture, landfill, and wastewater sites.

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