A Canadian bioenergy plant that converts organic waste to on-site power is set to come online this year.

Through an anaerobic digestion (AD) process, the 4.5 ha Harvest Energy Garden in London, Ontario (pictured) will convert over 65,000 tonnes of mixed organic waste per year to 2.85 MW of biogas power and 8.7 tonnes of fertiliser per day.
Harvest Energy Garden

Using bioenergy firm Global Water Engineering (GWE)’s RAPTOR (Rapid Transformation of Organic Residues) AD system, 15 types of bio-waste including grocery store rejects, kitchen and market waste, food processing residues, leachate, manure and slaughterhouse residues will be harvested, processed, dried and converted.

The plant’s planned biogas production of over 27,000 Nm3/day is equivalent to 20,000 kg/day of fuel oil, GWE said.

The facility has been operating at different capacities over the past 12 months as the operator builds it toward its optimal levels, a GWE spokesman said.