19 March 2010 – A new hydrogen fuelling station planned to be built by Air Products in Fountain Valley, California, is to incorporate FuelCell Energy’s ‘DFC-H2’ fuel cell technology to produce clean on-site power and heat – and renewable hydrogen.
The contract, to demonstrate a renewable hydrogen fuelling station was awarded to Air Products by the California Air Resources Board and supported by the South Coast Air Quality Management District, and US Department of Energy (DOE). The fuelling station is to be installed at the Orange County Sanitation District’s (OCSD) wastewater treatment facility.
The system will be fuelled with biogas from wastewater treatment operations and produce 300 kW of power and up to 300 pounds of hydrogen per day. This hydrogen could be used for early market fuel cell applications such as back-up power and forklifts and is sufficient to fuel roughly 100 fuel cell cars. The electricity will be available for use by OCSD for its operations.
Christopher Bentley, FuelCell Energy’s executive vice president of Government Research & Development Operations, said: ‘Our research indicates that hydrogen efficiently produced as a by-product by the DFC-H2 can be less costly than hydrogen produced by other methods and can enable the expansion of ultra-clean, hydrogen production systems worldwide, while providing the benefits of distributed power generation.’