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Biogas fuel cell CHP system for US poultry ranch

3 September 2010 – FuelCell Energy has announced the sale of a 1.4 MW DFC1500 fuel cell power plant to G3 Power Systems for installation at the Olivera Egg Ranch, a poultry farm located in French Camp, California, US.
The fuel cell system will utilize renewable biogas for fuel, converting what is currently a waste problem for the poultry ranch into electricity and heat.
FuelCell Energy will service the power plant under a five year service agreement.
The waste stream from the poultry operation emits ammonia, methane and other gases, resulting in both environmental and economic disposal challenges.
Olivera Egg Ranch presently uses a solid waste lagoon for waste disposal. An anaerobic digester will be installed and the waste stream will be directed into this structure, where heat and microorganisms will reduce the volume of waste and create methane as a by-product.
The fuel cell power plant will use this methane to generate electricity.

The power generated by the fuel cell power plant will be sufficient to meet almost all of the power needs of the Olivera Egg Ranch facilities.

The by-product heat from the fuel cell energy conversion process will be directed to the anaerobic digester. The power plant is expected to be operational by the middle of next year.

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