Electrabel and metal transformation and coatings company NV Bekaert are establishing a partnership for the construction of an on-site wind farm on the Bekaert site in Zwevegem, Belgium. The two companies are to study the possibilities of on-site power generation, both in Belgium and abroad, as well as to ascertain the best energy conservation solutions for Bekaert’s activities.

The first phase of the partnership will, after obtaining the necessary permits, be a wind turbine project on the Bekaert site at Zwevegem, whose power generation will be fully consumed by Bekaert. The construction is scheduled to begin at the end of 2011. The same plan is being examined for the Bekaert sites abroad.

Thanks to this cooperation, Electrabel will further its desire to be more than a supplier to its customers. By providing Bekaert with solutions tailored to achieve energy efficiency, the rational use of energy, audits and energy production from renewable sources, the company will enable its customers to have better control over their energy costs.

This initiative is fully in line with Bekaert’s sustainable development policy that accords priority to the rational use energy and the maximum use of renewable energy.