Two on-site solar photovoltaic projects located at Bedrosians Tile’s distribution and showroom facilities in Anaheim, California, US (pictured) are under development, with a combined capacity of 840 kWp.

Tecta Solar has been commissioned to install the PV arrays at 730 kW and 109 kW respectively, which are expected to be fully operational before 2015. The systems are projected to have a combined output of 1,312,413 kWh in the first year of operation and will meet approximately 90% of each site’s annual usage.

Part of Bedrosians’ plan to implement an on-site energy programme, next year, Bedrosians and Tecta Solar are scheduled to install another 2 MW of PV capacity at seven further properties located in California, Utah and Nevada.

Bedrosians says it is on target to deploy upward of 3 MW of on-site renewable energy capacity upon completion of the new solar projects.

‘Our investment in on-site green energy and energy efficiency is improving the quality of life in the communities we operate in by reducing CO2 levels and reducing strain on commercial power grids, while significantly lowering our operating costs,’ said Jillian Bedrosian.