Australian utility trials UK micro-CHP unit

An Australian energy utility has agreed to install a BlueGen micro-CHP generator in a showcase sustainability home for a six month demonstration, beginning in February 2010. The BlueGen device has been developed by the UK-based Ceramic Fuel Cells.

The unit will be connected to the existing natural gas pipeline and the power grid, and will generate low emission electricity for the house, as well as heat for the hot water system.

BlueGen is the latest breakthrough in small scale electricity generation, says Ceramic. About the size of a dishwasher, each unit can produce up to 17 MWh of power a year ” twice the electricity needed to power an average home. Surplus electricity can be sold back to the grid.

Each BlueGen can cut a home’s carbon dioxide emissions by up to 12 tonnes a year, compared to New South Wales’ current black coal generators, and by almost 18 tonnes a year compared to Victoria’s brown coal generators, adds the company.

While, this is Ceramic Fuel Cells’ first commercial agreement with an Australian energy utility, the company is already deploying demonstration products with utility customers and appliance companies in Germany, France and the UK.

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