Aggreko UK has launched a new 60 kVA mobile genset aimed at providing on-site and standby power for the rail sector.

The company said the genset’s 690 V alternator can adjust output between 650 and 720 volts to compensate for voltage drop when transporting power to remote locations across long distances, with the ability to maintain the optimum 650 V output at the point of connection.

The genset is configurable as a standby power source and is designed to auto-start when supply is required.

Aggreko said it can also be trailer-mounted for use as a mobile power system and, for stationary use, can be supplied with a long-range fuel tank.

According to the firm, rail network operators are using the new genset for planned maintenance of 650 V IT signalling projects and backup power for commissioning new signal systems, emergency power outages, and standby power on projects such as overhead line electrification and asset maintenance programmes.