11 March 2010 – UTC Power has announced that its new 400 kW fuel cell system, the ‘PureCell’ Model 400, has been certified to meet the latest emission standards of the California Air Resources Board (CARB), the strictest in the United States.


The California Distributed Generation certification programme requires manufacturers of electrical generation technologies that are exempt from district permit requirements to certify their technologies to specific emission standards before they can be sited in California. The standards regulate nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds.


CARB has issued an Executive Order for Distributed Generation Certification to UTC Power for the PureCell Model 400 system. ‘We’re very pleased that our ultra clean and highly efficient 400 kW fuel cell model can now be sited at businesses in the important and growing California market,’ said Neal Montany, director, UTC Power stationary fuel cell business.


Fuel cells are one of the cleanest and most efficient energy-generation sources available and produce electricity, heat and water through an electrochemical process.