On-site power retrofit for DataGryd’s New York office

Datacentre designer DataGryd have announced the re-opening of its company offices in New York, which is now benefiting from on-site power technology.

The company has opened an energy-efficient data center, complete with combined heating, cooling and power plant, in the original Western Union Building in New York City.

It is expected thatà‚  the on-site 9 MW CHP plant, fueled by natural gas and designed under EPA guidelines, will reduce overall power consumption by about 30 per cent. The data center also has a backup diesel generator with 26,000 gallons of fuel storage.

The company has undergone a comprehensive infrastructure retrofit of the 80 year old space, replacing outdated mechanical systems and transforming the power and cooling capacity.

DataGryd spans multiple floors of one of the world’s most connected buildings, at 60 Hudson Street ” situated on the crossroads of the national fiber highway ” and will meet the increasing demands for high-power data processing and data storage centers in New York’s urban market, providing up to 27 MW of onsite power energy-efficiently.

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