Off-grid utility launches digital task management platform

Off-grid utility Bboxx has launched a cloud-based task management platform aimed at decentralized energy businesses in developing countries.

Bboxx said its Pulse platform gamifies and digitalizes companies’ sales and service management, automating tasks for sales agents, technicians, call centres and supply chain.

The software supports a range of products and businesses including residential solar PV systems, larger solar installations such as community solar farms, and metering applications such as pumps and mini-grids.

Bboxx said it aims to give an accurate picture of performance quickly and uses machine learning to enable predictive analytics. It uses product monitoring to predict failure and allow operational teams to proactively support customers, automatically schedules field staff tasks, and understands what type of customer is most likely to default.

The company added that, in 2017, it automated 14,000 actions daily for its staff in Kenya and Rwanda including managing sales leads, supply chain deliveries, call centre and repair actions. It also processed over a million payments in 2017, and enabled management of $50 million in customer contract value.

Mansoor Hamayun, Bboxx CEO, said the software is “the heartbeat of distributed businesses and combines our years of market expertise into a single platform.

“Distributed businesses often struggle with monitoring customers’ products and needs, along with the activity of its workforce. This hampers efficiency and forms a barrier to business expansion. We need to manage products within a distribution mix,” he added.

Marcus Heal is CEO of Nigerian firm PAS Bboxx, a partnership between residential solar business Pan African Solar and Bboxx. He said that “In addition to the solar home system sector, Pulse allows distributed energy service companies (DESCOs) operating across the distribution mix to optimize their businesses, automate their processes and scale quickly and effectively.” à‚ 

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