CHATSWORTH, Calif.—The New York State Department of Public Service has approved the Capstone MicroTurbine as the first 3-phase distributed generation (DG) device permitted to operate in parallel with utilities in the State of New York as part of the state’s new DG standard.

The ruling eliminates the need for Capstone Turbine Corp. to conduct costly, repetitive and time-consuming verification tests from each of the states’ utility companies. Businesses will be able to generate their own power onsite, reducing energy costs, eliminating outage and power fluctuation problems, and easing demands on the grid during peak hours.

“Capstone has, from the start, recognized the importance of providing safe and reliable technical solutions for connecting microturbines with the electric grid,” said Dr. Ake Almgren, Capstone Turbine Corp. president & CEO. “We are excited to be the first generator system to meet New York’s pacesetting new distributed generation standard. It will enable utilities and their customers to respond to growing power needs easily, cleanly, reliably and almost immediately.”

Capstone manufactures the only microturbine systems listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. UL-Listing demonstrates consumer safety compliance. The New York Department of Public Service reviewed UL’s test report on the protective functionality of the Capstone system and, in their letter of approval, stated, “Based on our review of the information provided by UL, the department staff verifies that the appropriate tests have been performed.”

“The real task with distributed generation is to come up with common sense rules that allow technology such as the Capstone MicroTurbine to be easily deployed in the marketplace,” said Sarah McKinley, Distributed Power Coalition of America executive director. “It’s not the technology that is costly; it’s the implementation costs, such as negotiating and testing with utilities.” The New York standard represents a significant step towards minimizing these costs.