31 July 2002 – Nuvera Fuel Cells today announced it has launched a hydrogen fuel cell business based on its Avanti 5kW distributed generation product line.

The new initiative provides OEMs with “ruggedized” hydrogen power modules ranging from 1 to 6kW that can operate under harsh conditions, such as those typically encountered in industrial, commercial, and automotive environments, said Nuvera in a statement.

The announcement follows the successful ongoing field test of two Nuvera hydrogen power modules. The 1kW fuel cell systems, which utilize excess hydrogen from an on-site liquid hydrogen installation, are producing electricity for an essential laboratory process. The hydrogen power modules, at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory in Bedford, Massachusetts, will continue to operate for the near term for further evaluation purposes.

“The addition of hydrogen power modules to our product platform is a natural extension of our distributed generation fuel cell technology,” said Roberto Cordaro, President and CEO of Nuvera Fuel Cells. “The new product line is the direct result of a rapidly growing demand for rugged hydrogen-powered applications for industrial and commercial OEM applications.”

Nuvera’s strategy now includes both reformer-based fuel cell systems and hydrogen power modules. The company will continue to develop fuel cell power systems (including fuel processors, fuel cell stacks, and power electronics) for the distributed generation and automotive industries, while leveraging its fuel cell stack technology for hydrogen power module applications such as industrial vehicles, range extenders for cars