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New WADE chairman is from Wärtsilä

The World Alliance for Decentralized Energy (WADE) has a new chairman of its board of directors ” Christoph Vitzthum, Group Vice President and head of Wärtsilä Power Plants has replaced outgoing chairman Richard Brent of Solar Turbines.

WADE is an international non-profit research and promotion organization representing global companies as well as industry and environmental groups. Its predecessor organization, the International Cogeneration Alliance, was founded as part of an effort to raise the profile of cogeneration as a climate change mitigation strategy in the 1997 UNFCCC climate change negotiations. In 2002, the group changed its name to WADE and broadened its scope to include all DE technologies.

‘Decentralized power production is becoming increasingly important in the global power mix, and it is a vital complement to centralized power generation. Through increasing the market share of decentralized energy production we can, among others, improve total electrical efficiency and provide more secure power supply for local consumers. DE technologies enable us to create a more cost-effective and a more sustainable electricity system that delivers substantial economic and environmental benefits, such as reduced energy costs and decreased emissions,’ says Vitzthum.

Research by WADE estimates that, in 2005, DE accounted for about 10% of installed power production capacity compared to 7% in 2001. Almost 25% of electricity generated by new capacity added in 2005 was generated by DE installations.