New O&M contract for industrial cogen at UK potash mine

In a new five-year services contract for Cleveland Potash, Dalkia will cover the operation and maintenance (O&M) of a 16 MWe CHP energy centre at the UK‘s only potash mine 24 hours a day.

The Cleveland Potash mine, located in Loftus, Cleveland, produces over a million tonnes of potash for fertilizers and more than half a million tonnes of salt each year. The mine’s salt products are used in a variety of applications, including road maintenance, sugar beet cultivation, and as an ingredient in animal feeds.

Dalkia CHP, Cleveland, England

The mine has a high energy requirement, particularly for the extraction process and the potash refining process.

Its energy centre comprises five 3.2 MWe CHP units producing both power and heat, with associated waste heat boilers also generating heat and process steam.

According to Ashley Malin of Dalkia: “Ongoing efficiency is crucial to any industrial site. Any period of downtime is a serious concern and sites therefore need reliable operation and maintenance partners to ensure ongoing energy provision in an efficient and timely manner. Cleveland Potash will benefit from Dalkia’s expertise in the industrial sector.”

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