The launch of the Global Gas Council has been welcomed as an opportunity for cogeneration and distributed generation by David Sweet, executive director at the World Alliance for Decentralized Energy (WADE).

At an inaugural meeting on 24-25 October in Washington the new group aims to bring together more than 30 of the largest gas producing and consuming nations. The event will be hosted by Ambassador Parsan of Trinidad and Tobago.

David Sweet

Writing in COSPP magazine, David Sweet describes the launch of the group as ‘a step in the right direction’ in developing new technologies to realize the potential of cogeneration and decentralized energy.

‘The advancement of decentralized energy will take greater investment in the existing technologies that have served the industry well for decades, but it is also fertile ground for new technologies and the integration of new technology with the tried and true,’ said Sweet.

Access to clean natural gas will be vital to this wave of innovation, he adds.

‘As global gas supplies increase, WADE is working with the natural gas industry to make sure they are aware of the tremendous opportunity that decentralized energy projects represent for natural gas demand for years to come.’

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