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New engines targeted at ‘today’s transitioning energy markets’

MAN Diesel & Turbo unveiled its new line of two-stage turbocharged gas engines at POWER-GEN Europe today.

Both of the company’s gas engine models 35/44G and 51/60G are now also available with two-stage turbochargers.

The 35/44G TS and the 51/60G TS are spark ignited two-stage turbocharged gas engines. The 35/44G TS is available in 12V and 20V-cylinder versions with mechanical outputs of 7.4 MW and 12.4 MW.
Man Diesel gas engine

The 51/60G TS can be delivered as an 18-cylinder version with outputs of 18.9 MW and 20.7 MW. While the 18.9 MW aggregate reaches a mechanical efficiency of more than 50 per cent, MAN Diesel says that the 20.7 MW machine is “the most powerful gas engine currently available on the market”.

Two-stage turbocharging implies major benefits: The increase in turbocharging efficiencies in comparison to single stage turbochargers is mainly related to the intercooler set.

Dr Tilman Tàƒ¼tken, vice-president at MAN Diesel & Turbo, said the two-stage versions “grant additional power and efficiency and allow for a higher power density and hence a more compact plant design”.

He added: “Our gas engines are ideally suited to help plant operators master the requirements of today’s transitioning energy markets, where increasing amounts of intermittent renewable energy pose new challenges to flexible plant operation.

“We offer operational qualities such as fast starts and stops and ramp-ups, which are necessary to qualify for the participation in regulated energy markets, e.g. balancing energy or capacity markets. Thanks to optimized settings for Combined Heat and Power applications (CHP) ” depending on the project ” total efficiencies of above 90% can be reached.”