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New GE CHP plant replaces landfill heating in Hamburg

GE has commissioned a new combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Hamburg, Germany.

The 8.4 MWe plant will supply power for up to 20,000 households as well as heating and hot water for 500 businesses and residential buildings.

The new CHP plant, which features GE’s Jenbacher enginesà‚ (pictured), replaces heat generation from a landfill plant. According to the company, the CO2 load for 1 kWh of heat from the new plant is roughly 40 per cent lower than 1 kWh generated by a coal-fired power plant with heat extraction. à‚ 

The plant will use GE’s asset performance management solution, which the firm says “actively collects all important engine parameters of selected Jenbacher gas engines” for HanseWerk Natur, allowing the energy supplier to transition from reactive to condition-based maintenance.

Thomas Baade is CEO of northern German decentralized energy and heat supplier HanseWerk Natur, which will operate the plant.

“By generating both heat and power, the plant achieves a total efficiency of over 95 per cent,” he said, adding that “the CHP plant helps to achieve greater security in energy supply and is therefore another valuable part of the decentralized energy supply in the city of Hamburg.”

And Carlos Lange, president of GE’s Distributed Power business, said: “GE’s gas engine technology can make a key contribution to implementing the energy transition. For example, GE’s cogeneration solutions are an efficient, climate-friendly, reliable and profitable approach to meeting the energy demand.”