The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released its top 25 onsite green power generators through its Green Power Partnership program and Coca-Cola has placed third, largely due to a new CHP system that entered service in April.

Coca Cola plant  The facility is located next to Coca-Cola’s syrup plant and supplies it with all of its electricity, steam and chilled water needs.

  Methane collected at the plant is cleaned, upgraded and delivered to the CHP plant via a six-mile pipeline.

  Three GE reciprocating engines convert the gas into power, and three heat-recovery engines use heat from the GE engines to produce steam. A York steam turbine-driven chiller then uses that steam to produce chilled water.

Coca-Cola now uses 6 per cent renewable energy as a company, according to the EPA rankings, more percentagewise than the top two green power users.

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