Move to decentralized energy ‘yet to begin’

Decentralized energy (DE) has no more than held its estimated 7% share of the world power generation market during the January 2001 – January 2003 period, according to a new survey by the World Alliance for Decentralized Energy (WADE).

This is some way short of the level of progress necessary for DE to double its market share to WADE’s target of 14% by 2012. The achievement of the 14% target, an installed capacity of around 650 GWe compared to today’s figure of around 250 GWe, would suggest an annual DE investment flow of US$60 billion, compared to today’s figure of $10 billion, a sixfold increase.

WADE’s Survey also says that the long-discussed transition from a central power model to a ‘hybrid’ central-DE model appears not yet to have started.


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