Energy services company MITIE has inked a 15-year contract with The Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust in to supply all of the Trust’s energy independently of the national grid, including heating and hot water.

MITIE is to develop an energy centre within the hospital with a gas turbine that will provide the electrical and heat supply to the hospital.

According to MITIE, the project will use jet engine technology that will cut carbon dioxide emissions by 16% in its first year of operation and result in overall savings of £13.7 million (US$22.6 million) over the course of the contract.

MITIE says it is putting in place further energy saving measures that will reduce the Trust’s carbon emissions by a total of 25%.

The development of the energy centre has been funded by MITIE and its partners, which will maintain it for the length of the agreement in return for an annual fee from the hospital.

As part of the contract MITIE has guaranteed to deliver financial efficiency savings and, if these exceed the capital outlay, share the surplus funds with the Trust.

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