Minister – Italy must catch up with distributed generation trend

Italy’s Minister of Environment Corrado Clini says the country’s power market is uncompetitive and also needs to follow the lead of more progressive EU nations in focusing on distributed power generation.
Italy's Minister of Environment Corrado Clini
Mr Clini (pictured) told a conference in Rimini this week that the Italian power market is suffering from a monopolistic culture, reports Platts.

“In the Italian power system there is no competitiveness,” Clini said, according to news agency ASCA. Clini, speaking at the annual Rimini Meeting said the market should move away from “a system that is still monopolistic, made of big power plants and networks.”

Speaking of the new national energy plan, expected to be announced in September, Clini said its success depends on “renewables [interacting] in a competitive way with other sources of energy [and that] it’s necessary to change the system of distribution for rewarding ways of cogeneration” of electricity and heat.

Clini added that a system of “distributed generation” made of small power plants “is starting in Europe, in France and Germany, while Italy is falling behind.”

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