Mayor calls for DE to supply 25% of London’s energy by 2025

A quarter of London’s energy supplies will be met from ‘efficient, local systems’ by 2025, if the Mayor of London’s comprehensive new plan to cut the city’s carbon emissions is enacted. Mayor Ken Livingstone announced a four-part programme: Action Today to Protect Tomorrow, which calls for action on energy used in homes, business and transport, as well as a move towards decentralized energy.

There must be a decisive shift from an economy in which large amounts of energy are produced, and large amounts wasted, to an economy in which energy is conserved, said Livingstone. The Action Plan demonstrates that cutting carbon emissions will also deliver financial benefits: by using energy less wastefully London’s economy will become more efficient and Londoners and London businesses will be better off through lower energy bills.

The ‘Green Energy’ part of the programme, also labelled as decentralized energy, says that it will not be possible for London to achieve its carbon reduction targets without a fundamental change in how energy is generated and supplied. The Action Plan therefore: ‘sets a target to move a quarter of London’s energy supply off the National Grid and on to more efficient, local energy systems by 2025.’

Livingstone announced that à‚£78 million (€ 115 million) will be reprioritized over three years within existing Greater London Authority finances to launch these programmes. The Action Plan also shows that, without action, London’s carbon emissions will grow from 44 million tonnes to 52 million tonnes by 2025.
— 27 February 07

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