Mainstream wins consent for 245 MW solar plant in Chile


Chile’s Environmental Assessment Service has approved Mainstream Renewable Power‘sà‚  245 MW Escondido Solar PV facility, making it one of the largest approved projects in the Atacama region.

It will involve an investment of $290m to construct and is split into two solar parks located in the communes of Copiapàƒ³ and Tierra Amarilla: Parque Solar Ràƒ­o Escondido and Parque Solar Valle Escondido.
Mainstream Renewable Power
Commenting on the award of consent, Mainstream’s General Manager in Chile, Bart Doyle said: “The north of the country benefits from some of the highest levels of solar radiation in the world, and Chile has yet to properly promote and develop its solar energy resource. With the Escondido project we want to contribute by delivering clean energy for the region and the country, which will help diversify the energy mix and move towards sustainable development.”

The Ràƒ­o Escondido Solar Park will be located in an area of ࢀ‹ࢀ‹approximately 422 hectares, 58 kilometres from the city of Copiapàƒ³. It will have 550,368 photovoltaic panels and will have a capacity of 145 MW of power.

The Valle Escondido Solar Park, located 49 kilometers from Copiapàƒ³, will have 382,000 panels located on an area of ࢀ‹ࢀ‹approximately 360 hectares, with an installed capacity of 100MW of power.

Mainstream Renewable Power has one of the largest portfolios of wind and solar projects in Chile with a more than 2,000MW in development from Arica in the North to Puerto Montt in the South. The company was the big winner of last year’s electricity tender, in which it was awarded 3,366 GWh in wind projects.

The new plant will be connected to the grid through a transmission line from the Ràƒ­o Escondido substation, located inside the park, which will be shared between both projects to reduce the environmental impact by half.

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