Large biomethane plant supplies heat and power to German town

One of Germany‘s largest biomethane refineries has gone live in the Altmark Industrial and Commercial Zone, supplying both heat and power to Arneburg in Saxony-Anhalt.

The plant, which was designed by Weltec Biopower, comprises four digesters, six digestate storage units and a liquid reservoir.

It produces 1650 m3 of raw biogas an hour, with 250 m3 of this used to meet the heat needs of the biomethane refinery, which is operated by Nordmethan from Vechta, Lower Saxony.

A subsequent chemical amine treatment then converts the gas into 700 m3 of processed biomethane an hour, with a methane content of 99 per cent ” enough to supply 5000 homes with power and heat.

The feedstocks for the refinery’s stainless-steel digesters include maize silage, whole-plant grain and sugar beets, as well as dry chicken dung, chicken manure and liquid manure.

In total, the feedstock material delivered by local farmers will total more than 70,000 tonnes a year.

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