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Japanese homeowners benefiting from micro CHP

Japanese residents are seeing the benefits of micro CHP as natural gas is powering a combined heat and power fuel cell for home owners.

Toyota isà‚ collaborating withà‚ a consortium of Japanese gas and manufacturing companies and solar powerhouse Kyoceraà‚ on this home power plant, which can get twice the bang for the buck out of a fossil fuel that is already piped into most homes in Japan.

Like electricity, which carries the energy produced by solar or coal power, hydrogen is an energy carrier, but it rarely exist alone in nature. It must be produced by splitting the hydrogen atoms off from water (H2O) or from a fossil fuel such as natural gas (CH4).

The consortium’s micro-CHPࢀ”-FARM Type Sࢀ”boasts the highest efficiency level (45 percent) in the world for a residential-use fuel cell, according to Kyocera.

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