Distributed power generation specialist, IntelliGen, has announced the launch of a program to provide assistance to facilities seeking funding through the NYS Energy Research and Development Authority (“NYSERDA”) Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Acceleration Program.

The program provides incentives for the installation of pre-qualified and conditionally qualified CHP systems by approved CHP system vendors in the size range 50kW – 1.3MW. To be eligible for incentive payments, the installation site must pay the NY System Benefits Charge (SBC) surcharge on their electric bill.
“This new program is a great opportunity to receive incentive money to install a cogeneration system,” said David Lesser, President of IntelliGen. “The utility rates in New York already make cogeneration a compelling solution for energy users looking to save money through energy efficiency. NYSERDA funding can drive down the cost to make it that much more attractive. Even without subsidies, many cogeneration projects in New York pay for themselves in less than 5 years.”

NYSERDA will accept applications only from approved CHP system vendors and all incentive payments will be made to the CHP system vendors. IntelliGen is the only New York based manufacturer currently included in the NYSERDA program.

IntelliGen offers a free technical review of your facility to evaluate the potential for CHP as well as well as an evaluation of the ability to meet the NYSERDA eligibility requirements.

The EPA publishes details on the program here.