Iberdrola and HEINEKEN sign solar PPA

Spanish based utility, Iberdrola and HEINEKEN Espaàƒ±a have signed the first ever long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in Spain between an electricity supplier and a brewing group.

The agreement reached by the two companies will promote the construction of a new photovoltaic plant in Andévalo, which will guarantee the supply of green electricity to the four breweries and offices of HEINEKEN Espaàƒ±a.

The plant will become operational in 2020 and will decrease emissions by over 100,000 tonnes of CO2 a year.

Andévalo forms part of Iberdrola’s strategy of investing in clean power generation projects in Spain – where it plans to install 3,000 MW by 2022- and its commitment to using bilateral agreements with big customers who are committed to sustainable consumption as a way to promote the supply of energy at affordable, stable prices.

Through this partnership HEINEKEN Espaàƒ±a will be able to brew its beer using only renewable energies by 2023. To achieve this, HEINEKEN is implementing an ambitious road map which, among other initiatives, encompasses a 100 per cent renewable electricity supply.

Located in the municipality of Puebla de Guzmàƒ¡n (Huelva) and with a surface area of 150 hectares, the project will have an installed capacity of 50 MW and will consist of 147,000, 340 Wp polycrystalline silicon modules that will generate 82 GWh/yr.

The plant will be built inside the biggest wind farm in continental Europe, El Andévalo (292 MW), developed and managed by Iberdrola since 2010.

“PPAs open up new opportunities for the development of energies that will set the standard for the world’s energy future. Renewables have proven their competitive advantage and their ability to supply power at affordable, stable prices, and the PPAs in the long term, as well as bringing stability to the company’s investments in renewable projects, will rise as an instrumental tool in managing the power supply for large consumers who are committed to achieving green and sustainable consumption,” explained àƒngeles Santamaria, CEO of Iberdrola.

Managing director of HEINEKEN Espaàƒ±a, Guillaume Duverdier commented: “This initiative reaffirms HEINEKEN’s commitment to sustainability, is an example of our ambition to become the greenest brewer and will consolidate our leadership in sustanaibility in the brewing industry in Spain. The Andévalo plant forms part of a plan that will allow us to brew all our products using only renewable energy by 2023.”

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