Aggreko is to install a 24 MW off-grid gas and battery hybrid power solution at a steel mill in the United Arab Emirates to cut fuel costs and carbon emissions.

The technology will be delivered to the United Steel Industries mill in Fujairah, which is the largest of its type in the UAE and supplies 1.1 million tonnes of components to the construction and manufacturing sectors in the region.

The five-year deal marks the first time Aggreko will deliver a gas-battery hybrid solution to an off-grid industrial complex in the Middle East and it claims the solution – which has been optimized to handle the emirate’s extreme heat – will deliver a 49 per cent saving on the cost of fuel.

Aggreko will deploy 13 gas generators, delivering 19 MW of primary power, plus a 5 MW-battery system comprising five battery packs providing frequency regulation and backup power.

Aggreko said its Microgrid and Storage Solutions team will install the battery system to remove the need for a spinning reserve and out balance sudden jumps in the mill’s load, which is traditionally managed by diesel generators that run constantly at part load.

The team will also ensure that the system is optimised for efficient power provision in temperatures of up to 50°C.