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Hotel group to install second combined heat and power plant

Greenwood Energy has announced that it will install a second combined heat and power plant (CHP) for Millennium Hotel and Resorts in New York City, US.

This project, which will be located at the Millennium Broadway Hotel in midtown Manhattan, follows the first CHP installation at Millennium Hilton, announced in March 2012.

New York
Greenwood Energy’s CFO, Douglas Johnsen said, “This project is even larger in scope than the one previously announced at the Millennium Hilton, highlighting Millennium’s growing desire to be more sustainable and energy-secure, while saving on operating costs and preserving capital for its core business.”

The plant will convert natural gas into electrical and thermal energy for the Millennium Broadway, at energy conversion efficiencies far greater than the electrical grid.

The Millennium Broadway Hotel, located in the heart of Times Square, is comprised of 750 guest rooms and suites.

The plant will consist of three (3) 250 kilowatt cogeneration units (designed using reciprocating engines) supplied by Stowell Distributed Power Corporation (“SDP”), based in Newport Beach, California.à‚  SDP will also provide long-term maintenance services for the plant.

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