Hochtief Solutions offers decentralised power supply service

Hochtief and its partners, Augsburger Leasing and 2G-Energietechnik, have developed a powerful full service solution which allows the flexible deployment of combined heat and power units built in container style.

The target group for this quickly-implemented, cost-effective method of power and heat production includes commercial, industrial and manufacturing companies, computer centers and medical facilities.

With this new solution, clients generate the electricity they need directly on site. As an energy contractor, Hochtief Energy Management plans, installs and operates the necessary heat and power plants built in container style.

Augsburger Leasing is developing the financing solution, while 2G-Energietechnik produces the powerful, mobile technical plant. Thanks to the collaboration between these three partners, clients are provided with a solution precisely tailored to their needs, they reduce their energy costs, and their costs can be estimated more reliably.

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