Gujarat is developing a unique model to generate clean energy from its Narmada canals, said the Indian state’s chief minister Narendra Modi.

Solar panels will be installed over 25 km of the Narmada branch canal network so energy can be distributed to villages in a “unique integrated model of clean energy generation”, he said.

“We have concluded that by covering one kilometre of the Narmada branch canal network with solar panel, 1 MW can be generated as well as reducing the evaporation of canal water,” he said.

“The designers working on this scheme have been asked to check the feasibility of hanging micro-hydro turbines from the network of solar panels to generate additional electricity when water flows through the canal.”

As canal networks pass through villages, energy could easily be distributed to them directly without opportunities for theft, he added.

“It will be a unique integrated model of clean energy generation in the world,” he said.

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