A Finnish pulp and paper mill is to optimise its combined heat and power system with new equipment from Metso.

Paper manufacturer UPM’s Kaukas mill in the southeastern city of Lappeenranta produces 740,000 tonnes of pulp per year, and houses a research centre. The facility runs a recovery boiler and a biomass-fired plant which provides power for the mill as well as around 85% of the city’s district heating.
Kauka mill

With Metso’s DNA Steam Network Manager system, scheduled to come online this spring, UPM plans to optimise its steam network through predictive balancing of consumption and generation.

As well as rapidly dumping steam to compensators following a web break and ramping up production ahead of machine startup, the system is expected to generate significant savings during peak demand times by reducing the production time lost to steam network disturbances.  

The system can also follow electricity spot prices and provide set points for production at the most favourable times, Metso said.