DONG Energy Sales is aiming to offer combined heat and power (CHP) solutions in the UK through a partnership with on-site power specialist EuroSite Power.

Through the link-up, DONG Energy, formerly Shell Gas Direct, will target major UK corporations with solutions that support their climate strategies through energy efficiency, renewables and corporate & social responsibility/branding support.

Eurosite installation

Magnus Larsen, DONG Energy Sales (UK) Ltd Business Development Manager said the collaboration with EuroSite Power (OTCQB:EUSP) would follow a pattern established in Denmark.

‘We are soon looking to start piloting projects under a solution which has been used successfully in Denmark for a number of years,’ he said.

EuroSite is an on-site utility, offering clean electricity, heat, hot water and cooling solutions to hospitality, healthcare, housing and leisure centres in the UK and Europe

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