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EU Commission approves smart grid joint venture

The European Commission has approved the creation of a joint venture focused on smart grid expansion, primarily in Germany.

Siemens and Allgàƒ¤uer àƒÅ“berlandwerk’s (AàƒÅ“W) new company will operate under the name of egrid applications & consulting (egrid).

It is currently solely controlled by the latter firm but Siemens is expected to get a 49 per cent share.

The joint venture will provide energy consulting services on decentralised electricity networks, primarily in Germany.

The main action areas will be the integration of large capacities from distributed generation plants and intelligent control of the distribution grids.

Siemens has worldwide activities in several areas, in particular digitalisation, automatisation and electrification while AàƒÅ“W is a local energy supplier and operator of a distribution network in Allgàƒ¤u.

The Commission stated: “The Commission concluded that the proposed transaction would raise no competition concerns due to the limited activities of the joint venture.”