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Estonia grid operator warns about electricity dependency

Estonian grid operator Elering said that the EU risks becoming as dependent on Russian electricity as it is on Russian gas, citing increased imports into the Baltic region.

Elering said that E.ON of Germany had covered a shortfall in Baltic generation with imports from its Russian subsidiary.

Taavi Veskimagi, chairman of Elering, said: ࢀœThe decision by E.ON shows an increasing tendency for electricity production to move outside the EU.ࢀ He said that climate policy meant that power firms were turning to third countries for generation, as regulation is looser there, and that new capacity could not be built in Estonia on the border with Russia or Belarus without subsidies.

He said: ࢀœThis could lead us into an electricity dependency similar to that we see with gas. The increasing role of electricity imported from Russia into the Baltic electricity market is worrying.ࢀ

Elering noted that in July, electricity consumption in the Baltic outstripped production by 30 per cent.

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