POWER-GEN Europe Confidence Index: Your Industry, Your Voice

Confidence Index 2016

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POWER-GEN Europe in June is an unrivalled gathering of the major players in the European power sector.

And those attending the exhibition and conferences in Milan will also have a unique opportunity to express their opinion on the industry in which they work.

The POWER-GEN Europe Confidence Index is a comprehensive pan-European report for the power industry providing key market information, insights and trends to aid strategic decision-making.

It gives you – the power industry professional – the opportunity to make your voice heard alongside those of your peers.

Every opinion is extremely valuable, whether you work in the boardroom, on the power plant floor or out ‘in the field’.

The Confidence Index is now in its second year and will build on the insights gathered last year from over 700 participants.

Last year’s Index revealed that energy storage will become the most important issue facing the European power sector in the next two decades – an opinion supported by many featured in the pages of this issue of Power Engineering International.

However, in a list of the 20 most important topics, those polled in 2015 put carbon capture and storage at only number 17 as a current priority – and it rose just one place when they were asked to consider how its importance would change in the next 20 years.

Feeling confident? Visitors at 2015’s POWER-GEN Europe hear about the launch of the Index

The subject that topped the list of important issues in the short term was – unsurprisingly – the growing share of renewables in the energy mix, and this issue slipped to just number two as the forecast expanded to 20 years, being overtaken by energy storage – a reassuring finding given that storage will be the linchpin of renewables integration.

Four issues held steady in the same league position over the whole 20-year period: offshore wind at number four; the transition from centralized to decentralized energy systems at number five; combating cybersecurity threats at number eight; and, as mentioned before, wave and tidal power at number 19.

Will that change in the results of this year’s Index? How would you rank the importance of energy storage and CCS? What power developments do you anticipate in the next few years?

This is your chance to have your say about your industry and your vision for its future, and you can do this at POWER-GEN Europe in Milan, where there will be a dedicated booth on the exhibition floor where you can complete the survey.

It’s your industry, so don’t miss the opportunity to make your voice heard.

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