Wind system installed at Boston’s Logan Airport

A building integrated wind turbine system developed by AeroVironment Inc. has been installed at Boston’s Logan International Airport Office Center as part of a project commissioned by the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport).

The installation comprises 20 five-bladed small, modular building-integrated wind turbines. The system is designed for installation onto the parapet of a concrete tilt-up, pre-cast, or other low-profile building. Installation results in little or no structural impact and tall support towers are not required.

The patented design and positioning of the system on a building takes advantage of the natural acceleration in wind speed resulting from the building’s aerodynamic properties. This increased wind speed can increase the turbines’ electrical power generation by more than 50% compared to the power generation that would result from systems located outside of the acceleration zone.

Project manager Terry Civic said: ‘The installation of the Architectural Wind turbines at Logan Airport is one of the many initiatives underway designed to exceed national standards for energy efficiency, and we look forward to significant energy-saving results.’

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