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WhisperPower’s hybrid power system for remote sites

WhisperPower in the Netherlands has developed a new decentralised power system to provide electricity to locations without a permanent grid connection.

The system is able to deliver 230 VAC/50 Hz, 7 kW from an internal maintenance-free gel battery via a true sine wave inverter, and can be run in parallel with the WhisperPower diesel generator.

This mini-grid will be available in the autumn for around EUR9900 (US$14,000) excluding solar panels.

Under nominal conditions the diesel generator will not be running. When the battery is discharged below a certain level, or the load demand exceeds the power that the inverter can deliver, the built-in variable speed diesel generator of 3.8 kW will recharge the battery pack within a short period.

The start and stop process is fully automatic, with the sine wave inverter of 3.5 kW continuous power rating always on stand-by to feed the AC appliances.

The system is prepared to plug in up to 2 kW of solar power (24 VDC, 48 VDC), saving diesel fuel costs and generator operating hours in case of sufficient radiation.

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