Wartsila wins on-site power order for Turkish steel plant

Turkish independent power producer Yesilyurt Enerji Elektrik Uretim has ordered a Wartsila power plant for its steel mill in Samsun, located on the Black Sea coast.

The intermediate load power plant is expected to be running for more than 6000 hours per year, and will feature eight 18-cylinder Wartsila 50SG engines running on natural gas.

The output will be more than 145 MW, which, together with a steam turbine in combined-cycle operation, will allow output to reach 160 MW at full load.

The plant is scheduled to be operational by October next year, and any surplus energy generated by the plant will be sold to the national grid.

Wartsila claims its 18-cylinder 50SG spark-ignited gas engine is the largest gas powered combustion engine generating set in the world, reaching a net efficiency rating of more than 50 per cent in combined-cycle mode.

The engine was introduced to the market in the latter part of 2010, and the very first installation was also in Turkey.

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